"[director David] Muse . . . elicits the best from his actors, most notably from Silver and Kleiger, who have personality to spare. They persuasively offer up fallible people, endearing and flawed and yes, in each other’s company possessing that magic ingredient: chemistry"

-Peter Marks, Washington Post, The Effect


"While every performance was next-level good, I'd like to (in keeping with the sports theme) give Katie Kleiger the MVP award. She gave #7 an impossibly perfect balance of edge and vulnerability"

-DC Metro Theatre Arts, The Wolves


"The two romantic leads—Katie Kleiger as Connie and Rafi Silver as Tristan—do indeed have chemistry between them, so much so you’re likely to fall in love with them before they fall in love with each other. So natural and believable are their performances, it’s as if we’re watching real life"

-John Stoltenberg, DC Metro Theater Arts, The Effect


“The talented acting, particularly observed in Katie Kleiger’s Miranda. . . . Ms. Kleiger, due to the sustained sincerity of her characterization, reminded me of one of my favorite actresses of old Hollywood: the beautiful and demure Phyllis Kirk . . . Ms. Kleiger radiated an appealing humanity throughout the play, . . . [and]  generated the kind of accessible vulnerability that had me rooting for [her] to -- somehow – win”

-Jay Reisberg, Culture Catch, Ring Twice For Miranda


"Katie Kleiger, who has emerged as a fine young actor at the Guthrie, broke through the production's familiarity with characters who are lovely representations of decency"

-Star Tribune, A Christmas Carol


"Katie Kleiger and Dustin Bronson are both products of the U of M/Guthrie BFA Program . . . and are great testaments to its success. They both give such natural, honest, raw, and fully realized performances . . . [they] lay their souls bare on stage and it's a beautiful thing." 

-Cherry and Spoon, Lungs


"Mary Bennet is played by the delightful Katie Kleiger in her Round House debut. Kleiger is a strong actress who carried the show with great poise. Her ability to show us power in her vulnerability created an Austenian heroine for the 21st century."

-MD Theatre Guide, Miss Bennet


"Katie Kleiger is so good as Robin that you believe she suffers from Selective Mutism in real life. Her facial tics and eyes reveal everything about Robin's character and her everyday struggles"

-Rogue Cinema, Stuck in Mute


". . . the supporting cast does not disappoint. In particular, Katie Kleiger's Mary is equal parts tough and heartbreaking."

-The Minnyapple, Juno and the Paycock


"Katie's a phenom. You can't help but feel everything she's feeling, she expresses so many emotions so effortlessly and it really comes through."

-Minnesota Fringe Festival Website, Lungs


"In the 80s I saw a one act play festival in NY, and an actress playing a 12 year old girl was incredible. I told everyone she would be a huge star. The actress turned out to be Holly Hunter. Today I saw Katie Kleiger in Lungs. Same reaction. You can say you saw her when. If you saw her in Lungs"

-Minnesota Fringe Festival Website, Lungs